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Below are some unsolicited comments from satisfied customers:

"Thanks, Pump Shop for the courteous and prompt service. I know where to come next time eh?"

Murray - December 2020

"Just want to thank you guys so much for our new pump. Your service has been impeccable from start to finish. Will definitely use your business again and spread the word."

Sharon & Philip - July 2019

"I just wanted to say thank you for your help with my recent pump recommendations and supply. I installed everything and are very pleased with the performance, I have good stable pressure and flow throughout the house"

Brian - January 2019

"I recently completed an online purchase. I already had a 24vac pump in the same area and no local stores had the pump I needed but your range included the right device. I want to thank you for the ease in which I was able to identify and purchase what I wanted. The purchase was quick and easy, the packaging was safe, rapid and easily traceable. Thanks again for the great service."

David - March 2019

"Many thanks for the prompt service with my new shurflo pump! I ordered it on Thursday evening and it arrived at 6:30am Saturday and I had it fitted by morning tea time. Very happy."

Manakau Village - Nov 2018

"Pump has arrived, thank you. I'm very impressed with your efficiency and will recommend you to other plumbers."

Barry - July 2018

"the pump arrived this morning, excellent service, many thanks"

Bart - May 2019

"Great service and so fast to help me, my local suppliers didn't bother returning any of my queries even after coming into the store"

Sam- Oct 2017

"Cheers and thank you for all your help"

Gary - July 2017

"Wow, Thanks. I was expecting this to be processed on Monday given the lateness of my order. Awesome service."

Devin - March 2017

"The goods have arrived. Thanks very much for the speedy service"

Anne - January 2017

"The second pump was perfect and works a treat - made me realise how noisy the bearings were in the old pump. Thanks for the quick delivery."

Brendan - June 2016