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Puretec RI Series | Industrial Ultraviolet Water Treatment Systems


Puretec Radfire RI Series ultraviolet disinfection systems for microbiological protection for your Industrial application.

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Radfire UV Sterilizer, 322 L/pm, 50mm Connection RI-37K $8,418.30
 ex GST
Radfire UV Sterilizer, 530 L/pm, 75mm Connection RI-60K $15,964.80
 ex GST
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Control bacteria & virus issues in water including E.coli, Cryptosporidium and Giardia

Puretec RI Series ultraviolet disinfection systems are ideal for microbiological protection in your industrial application. Constructed
with highly polished 316L stainless steel reactors and industrial grade enclosures, it uses proven low pressure amalgam (LP-AM) lamp
technology offering stable output in both hot and cold water applications.

Covering a wide variety of applications in both regulated and unregulated markets, RI Series offers environmentally friendly disinfection at
lower capital and operating costs than traditional disinfection solutions.

All UV systems require prefiltration to at least 10 micron


Features & Benefits

  • Colour user interface with full diagnostics and warnings.
  • “Future-proof” expandability port for future upgrades and
  • Axial flow, 316L stainless steel reactor, polished
    reactors with integral sensor port to allow for sensor
    upgradeability in the future.
  • Universal input, constant current electronic controller in a
    splash-proof case.
  • 12,000 hour lamp life