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Flexible Galvanized Braided Hose


Details Code Price Quantity  
25mm x 300mm 228-FLMF30 $21.56
 ex GST
25mm x 400mm 228-FLMF40 $23.52
 ex GST
25mm x 500mm 228-FLMF50 $26.46
 ex GST
25mm x 600mm 228-FLMF60 $34.30
 ex GST
25mm x 700mm 228-FLMF70 $37.24
 ex GST
25mm x 1000mm 228-FLMF100 $46.06
 ex GST
32mm x 600mm 228-FLMF6014 $53.90
 ex GST
32mm x 1000mm 228-FLMF1014 $76.44
 ex GST
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The FLMF hoses are 25mm or 32mm diameter and come in a range of lengths with robust galv steel braid, straight male connection on one end and straight female union connection on the other. Ideal for installing or reducing vibrations in pump pressure systems.


  • Maximum working pressure: 25mm/1”: 15Bar
  • Maximum working pressure: 32mm/1 ¼”: 10Bar
  • Working Temperature: -5o to +100ºC
  • Minimum bend radius: 25mm/1”: 90mm
  • Minimum bend radius: 32mm/1 ¼”: 120mm


  • Inner hose: EPDM
  • Fittings: Brass CW614n
  • Sleeves: Aluminium
  • Braiding: Galvanized steel
  • Diameter
    • 25mm
    • 32mm
  • Length
    • 300mm
    • 400mm
    • 500mm
    • 600mm
    • 700mm
    • 1000mm
Model Number

228-FLMF30, 228-FLMF40, 228-FLMF50, 228-FLMF60, 228-FLMF70, 228-FLMF100, 228-FLMF6014, 228-FLMF1014