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Davies DMI Series - 316 Stainless Steel Horizontal Multi-Stage

Davies DMI Series - 316 Stainless Steel Horizontal Multi-Stage

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Davies DMI Series 316 S/S Horizontal Multi State Pump .45k2 230V 2.8 amps
$655.00 Excl. Tax:
DMI 2-50 0.57kW, 230V, Single Phase, 3.8A
$750.50 Excl. Tax:
DMI 2-60 0.66kW, 230V, Single Phase, 4.2A
$783.75 Excl. Tax:
DMI 4-30 0.56kW, 230V, Single Phase, 3.5A
$650.75 Excl. Tax:
DMI 4-50 0.94kW, 230V, Single Phase, 5.7A
$783.75 Excl. Tax:
DMI 4-60 1.08kW, 230V, Single Phase, 6.4A
$840.75 Excl. Tax:
DMI 8-10 0.49kW, 230V, Single Phase, 3.4A
$660.25 Excl. Tax:
DMI 8-15 0.8kW, 230V, Single Phase, 5.4A
$755.25 Excl. Tax:
DMI 8-20 1.04kW, 230V, Single Phase, 6.4A
$783.75 Excl. Tax:
DMI 8-25T 1.32kW, 230/400V, Three Phase, 6.0/3.5A
$831.25 Excl. Tax:
DMI 8-30 1.6kW, 230V, Single Phase, 9.3A
$1,054.50 Excl. Tax:
DMI 8-30T 1.6kW, 230/400V, Three Phase, 6.9/4.0A
$1,035.50 Excl. Tax:
DMI 12-10 0.83kW, 230V, Single Phase, 5.5A
$688.75 Excl. Tax:
DMI 12-15 1.17kW, 230V, Single Phase, 7.8A
$769.50 Excl. Tax:
DMI 12-15T 1.17kW, 230/400V, Three Phase, 5.9/3.4A
$745.75 Excl. Tax:
DMI 12-20 1.76kW, 230V, Single Phase, 11A
$964.25 Excl. Tax:
DMI 12-20T 1.76kW, 230/400V, Three Phase, 7.4/4.3A
$964.25 Excl. Tax:
DMI 12-25T 2.17kW, 230/400V, Three Phase, 9.2/5.3A
$1,121.00 Excl. Tax:
DMI 12-30T 2.67kW, 230/400V, Single Phase, 11.6/6.7A
$1,273.00 Excl. Tax:

Quick Overview

The Davies DHI series are an industrial multistage stainless steel pump capable of handling demanding applications whether it be just clean water supply or industrial washing machines and fertilizer dosing systems the DHI series are built to last.

The DHI wet end is built entirely of 316 stainless steel for hygienic applications and corrosion resistance.

The mechanical seal is of high quality Silicon carbide with Viton elastomers for long service life.

2 Year Warranty

Davies DMI Series - 316 Stainless Steel Horizontal Multi-Stage

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  • Liquid temperature range: 0°C to +110°C.
  • Maximum ambient temperature: +40°C.
  • Maximum operating pressure: 10bar.
  • Pump casing, suction inter connector, chamber and impellers: 316 stainless steel
  • Pump shaft: 316 stainless steel.
  • Mechanical seal: Silicon carbide/Silicon carbide.
  • O rings: Viton.


  • Totally enclosed, fan cooled.
  • IP54 enclosure.
  • Class F insulation.
  • 50Hz 220-240V 1 Phase.
  • 50 Hz 220-240V/380/415V.
  • 3 Phase version requires user supplied overload protection.